Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday, June 1 - Shall we kiss the ground in Chennai?

What a happy greeting we got from Sahji and Chandrashakuh when they came to make breakfast in the morning! We talked and talked to them about our trip, and they smiled and nodded and Chandrashakeuh looked excited enough to have us back that he nearly broke into a happy dance. (I’m pretty sure he did make a few happy little hops!). How nice that our friends are happy we are back!

We managed to get to church about 30 minutes late, but we were impressed that we were standing upright. I (Dawn) discovered that when I attend Sabbath School in India, I must have “I can tell stories and teach new songs” written someplace on my forehead, because within minutes of entering the children’s Sabbath School (which is being run quite nicely by two ladies), I am called forward to “tell a story, or maybe two, and can you teach us a couple of new songs?” Being quite sleep-deprived, I’m not even sure what stories or songs I presented, but I noticed that when I sat down, one of the ladies appeared to be telling the story all over again in Tamil for the children who didn’t understand English.

Surprisingly, several children spoke very good English in that classroom. They said they learned to speak English at the SDA school, and the children also seemed surprised (and pleased) when I told them they spoke quite well.

Since it was Dad’s last Saturday, we thought it would be nice to take him to see the huge Banyan tree at the park in Chennai, so everyone left (except Dawn, who just HAD to take a nap). All returned full of stories about the interesting things they had seen growing in the park, including a bush that had two different colored flowers growing on it.

As the day wore on, Byron and Dawn both realized that we were getting sicker and sicker, while Erin and Lily seemed to be feeling much better. Heidi and Dad seemed fine.

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