Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunday, June 2 - Montezuma has his revenge

By Sunday morning, Byron and Dawn were both too sick to get out of bed. Byron managed to pull himself out of bed to help Heidi at breakfast, but afterwards he stumbled back and fell exhausted into bed again.

Thus, Dad found himself the sole attraction and entertainment for three granddaughters for the day. Little did Byron or I realize that Dad didn’t feel very good, either. As soon as I could rouse myself later that afternoon, Dad took off for his bedroom, and didn’t appear for several hours.

Heidi asked, "Where's Grandfafa?"

I answered, "He's taking a nap."

Heidi replied in a knowing tone, "He needs to rest because it's so tiring dealing with the kids."

While Sunday evening brought some relief, the whole family seemed to have lost our appetite, and that started a week of meals that were barely touched. This caused Sahji much concern, and he kept trying to fix things we would eat. I tried to explain that it wasn’t his food, but it was my stomach, and that nothing sounded or looked appealing. He continued trying—fixing soup, oatmeal, and finally he fixed a big batch of “coconut rice,” which he said would cure any stomach trouble. Ugh. The sight of that coconut rice, even the words, made my stomach flip-flop, and it went untouched for several days. I think Sahji took it personally! Poor guy.

I finally decided that what I needed was some American food, and that no Indian food was going to be appealing to me again. (However, in about 5 days, Sahji's food looked edible again).

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