Sunday, April 6, 2008

Greetings from the Burkes!

We are almost ready to go to India. (For those of you who haven't heard, our trip was delayed by two weeks, so we're still in Kansas at the moment.) We tried to pack lightly. . . (Ba-ha!) so feel free to see in the attached photo what the Burkes mean when they way, "Oh, we're only taking the essentials!"

Actually, we are taking quite a few things because we aren't sure what is available in India. If you'd like to know exactly what a family of five needs to take to Chennai, India for a two-month stay, please ask us in about a month.

Many wonderful people have asked us to keep in touch with them via email while we're in India, and we thought the best way to do that was to start a blog. This is our first blog entry. We are hoping that you will check our blog periodically to get your Burke updates and news.
Must go continue the packing process. Please keep us in your prayers.
--Byron, Dawn, E, L and H


Nebraska said...

Just the sight of the Burkes ready to travel reminds me of a few cliches such as: "Have suitcase will travel." "A little child shall lead them." Some people plan ahead and are loaded and ready for any and all experiences. How about this Nebraska slant on the view: "It's not heavy Daddy, It's my suitcase."

Sherl said...

Greeting from the Fenton's. Looks like you are off to a great start. Maybe Dawn can give the cook a few hints so the girls will enjoy it. Will be looking forward to pics. Keeping you in prayer.