Monday, April 28, 2008

Pictures for "The Second Week"

Erin playing games with the VBS children. The girls are making a circle and the boys are inside the circle.

Jaya-Rani chose Erin to be "it," which meant she was to enter the circle and tag each boy, while hopping on one foot.

Erin, Heidi, and Lily all ready for Daddy's birthday celebration. Erin is wearing her new chew-dee, Heidi has her new cotton church dress on, and Lily is wearing the poofy, sequin-covered fancy dancy dress that Heidi picked out, but which seems to fit Lily better.

Ahhhh. Daddy is finally home, and all our celebrating can begin! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Erin and Lily working on laundry with Odyssey. First, they take clothes out of the washing machine, wring the water onto the patio floor (the water runs into some metal pipes that carries the water off the patio), then hang the laundry either on the "outside" clothesline (that's where Erin is hanging a dress), or on the "up high" clothesline, which is under the roof. On Sunday morning, we discovered that a flock of birds must have landed on our "outside" laundry, because it was all spattered with bird poop!

Only a small portion of the big Banyan tree is in this picture. I believe that this is the original trunk, as it was the most prominent one and closest to the park sign that described the tree. This tree stretched on out of sight--'way back into the forest. We were not allowed to traipse around and take a good look at this tree because there was a protective fence around it. Mani (our driver) told me that children like to swing from the trunks of Banyan trees (perhaps that's why the park is protecting this one?).
A cashew nut freshly picked from a cashew tree. The cashew is the green thing on top, and the yellow bulb is full of a juice that the Indians make wine out of, reports Mani.
One of the security guys/night watchmen. (We have two who work at this building--very nice gentlemen who speak not a word of English, but they're always very friendly.) This one was hacking at coconuts when we returned home from a walk on Saturday afternoon. He hacked away all the tough outer-parts from one end of each coconut (he did four coconuts total). Then he motioned to me that Mr. Jacob (landlord) would cut off the top when he was ready and drink the juice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Burke family! This will be quick as Julia woke up half way through your last entry and I HAD to finish reading it before I left the computer!!! (Fortunately, she is very good natured when she wakes up!) Sounds like you all are having the experience of a lifetime - or at least you Burke girls are. We miss you and plan to keep watching for new blogs. Thanks for staying in touch with all us mid-westerers! Blessings,
Melody (John, JoAnna, and Julia, too!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Burke girls -
I like your pictures! Sounds like India is very fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to swim in that water. :-) I'll be very happy when you guys get home but I'm sure you'll have lots of interesting things to tell. I have a new stuffed puppy named Butterscotch and I really want to show it to Heidi. I hope you have a great time in India!
JoAnna :-)

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying the blog. dad b