Sunday, April 27, 2008

Responses to comment 04/27/2008

From BDB:
Anonymous wrote:
how close is this to where you live? do you have a post office a few blocks from you?,+Chennai,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+India&sll=13.00715,80.253282&sspn=0.009345,0.014591&ie=UTF8&ll=13.004328,80.250953&spn=0.004673,0.007296&t=h&z=17

That link is quite close to where we are. If you move the map south and west a bit, you can see Tidel Park on the map. Follow Canal Bank Road south.

I haven't seen anything marked as a post office. However, that doesn't mean much. There are many, many signs on each building. Some in Tamil, many in English, some advertising local stuff, others marking what is in the building.

Drew said it appears that I'm somewhat close to where I work.

That is true. However, with one way streets and heavy traffic it takes about 20 minutes to get there. I'm usually quite good with directions but I haven't been able to figure a straight line to get to work. I think Kent walked home once or twice but I haven't been that brave. We also have a Chennai map from a small guide book but since isn't detailed enough to have all the streets, I haven't tried to use it.

Fred & Reba wrote: "It's been five days since we wrote..." As you can see from the previous posting, Dawn has been --we've been waiting for bdb (a.k.a. "the fact checker" to make a few adjustments :)

Someone made a private comment about praying for my ear. Fortunately, it is feeling much better. I think all I had really needed was some Ibuprofen to take down some swelling. Thanks for your concern!

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