Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We arrive intact (mostly)

From Byron:
We got here about 24 hours ago (I think). We got some sleep, I met my co-workers and had some good Indian food (I have not idea what it was called; Kent, my American co-worker, and I ordered two random dishes on the menu so even if I could remember the names I could tell you which was which).

The mostly part of "intact" is for one suitcase which apparently took the long route. It should be here on Friday. (The girls had hoped it was the suitcase holding the homeschooling supplies. Instead, it was the one that has most of Dawn's clothes!)

Hopefully we'll get some pictures up tomorrow. For now, here is a link to Kent's blog for his trip - http://www.keb-india.blogspot.com/
P.S. For those that looked previously, we found out how to allow comments without having you create an account. We look forward to hearing from you and will try to answer questions.

From Dawn:
I don't want to sit on an airplane for a LONG time. The flight to Paris was a long haul for the girls and I (we let Byron sleep awhile), and then turning around and getting another plane for 10 hours was too much for me. . . !
Our apartment is spacious and comfortable, air-conditioned, warm showers, and incredible food! Sahjee (spelling?) is the cook, and we've had three large, bountiful, very tasty meals already. The girls don't care for Sahjee's cooking (a bit too strange and spicy for them at this point), so of course I feel pressured to eat a lot of it so that Sahjee will indeed know that is it delicious. This cannot continue, or I shall return a much larger person! I'm not sure what we've been eating--some noodle dishes, rice dishes, soup that tasted like cream of mushroom but since Byron thought it was good it couldn't have had mushrooms in it. We brought along a stash of granola bars and crackers for the girls to eat on the plane, and so far they've been living on that.

We went to a grocery store with Sahjee today--a very nice store called Spencer's. It was about the size of Sally's Beauty Supply in Shawnee--not too small, but not that big. The girls and I walked up and down every aisle, and found lots of familiar things, such as Oreos (thought I don't think they have the strawberry creme filling version here yet), toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable diapers, deoderant, sunscreen, etc. We think we'll be able to find just about everything we'll need in the way of groceries or toiletries there.

This evening, just before Kent left for the airport, he took us for a walk around the neighborhood in the dark. (The Burkes had slept the afternoon away, completely exhausted. Now it's midnight here and we're all wide awake. . .) That evening walk was really fun--the girls were excited to see their first "store stalls," and little shops. We went into one shop on our latest quest--which is to find some more bathtowels--and found some things that all little girls and mommies like--pretty skirts decorated with sequins, bracelets, wall-hangings decorated with embroidered ladies in colorful native dress, carved fancy boxes, and some tiny little elephant carvings, with even smaller elephants carved inside of them.

Erin is on a quest to buy a sari or a salwaar kameeze (don't know if I spelled that right). Lily liked some of Sahjee's cooking . Heidi keeps getting her cheeks pinched by people who smile and seem to want to pick her up and give her a hug. I told her I'd heard that was a common Indian way of showing affection to little children who the Indians find particularly beautiful. Currently, Heidi seems to be okay with it.

So far we're having a grand time. So tired we're almost dizzy. Hoping either to find a place that sells granola bars or that the girls will learn to enjoy Sahjee's cooking very, very soon.

Keep us in your prayers! Hope to post some pictures soon.

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