Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures, first day in Agra, 1 of 3

One of our first rides in an auto-rickshaw. They didn't have steering wheels, but rather the handlebars of a motorcycle. We soon discovered that these vehicles had the same motor as a motorcyle as well. It was rather surreal to ride in an autorickshaw, putting down the road with more powerful cars careening all around you, beeping their horns wildly.

The Agra Fort. Isn't this rather incredible? The dynasty and the king who built the Taj Mahal lived in this fort.

Another view of the Agra Fort, featuring one of the only lawns I ever saw in India.

Standing in front of the courtyard where the king allowed only female vendors to enter on market-day so his many wives and concubines could shop without leaving the fort. This is where the Taj-Mahal king met his future wife--she was a merchant when they met.

See those symbols that look like the Star of David? They're the Hindu symbol, our guide said, and the black dot in the middle denotes that they're Hindu, not Jewish. The many arches in the architechure were a tribute to the Muslim faith. The Agra Fort king was trying to keep his Hindu and Muslim populace appeased by including art from both cultures.

The girls found some steps that led up to this opening in Agra Fort. Grandfafa and Byron talk to some other fort visitors while the girls wave to Mama--the camera-wielder.

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