Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures, Day at the Taj 4 of 8

Aren't the grounds at the Taj Mahal beautifully manicured? While we were there, we some some people cutting the grass with what looked like large pairs of scissors. We understood that no gas-fueled equipment is allowed within the grounds, in order to preserve the Taj Mahal from pollution-induced damage. Even gas-fueled vehicles weren't allowed within a certain distance of the Taj Mahal, thus the pedi-cabs (bicycle-powered), horse-drawn carriages, and electric-powered auto-rickshaws were the most popular mode of transportation in the section of Agra where we were staying (very close to the Taj Mahal).
Back in regular clothes, Heidi sports the fancy shower-cap shoe-covers we were required to wear if we didn't remove our shoes within the actual Taj Mahal building (shoes were alright to wear around the grounds). Notice the incredible precious stones inlaid into beautiful designs-this is right outside of the only door that leads into the actual tomb itself.

A pretty young lady in front of some pretty flower-carvings.

This is the wall directly to the right when you come out of the inside of the tomb part of the Taj Mahal. We found that area to be very crowded with Indians (not many foreignors.) We took lots of pictures here because we liked the beautiful walls, and when we left this area, about half of the huge milling crowd left with us. Our family stood out so much there, that people would actually sit around to stare at us wherever we went, and even follow us around. What surprised us is that these people were at a world-famous monument, and they found a family from Kansas more interesting to look at than the incredible Taj Mahal.

Lily "smelling" a lily.

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