Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures, May 25

Anyone for some fresh-squeezed sugar-cane juice? Here is one of these intruiging machines that squeezes every ounce of juice out of long stalks of sugar cane. The operator grabs 3 or 4 stalks, and pushes them through the machine, which now that I think about it, must run by foot-pedal power or something, as these are everywhere (street corners, on the beach, in the middle of nowhere, and here at a stall in T. Nagar) and I don't think they were powered by electricity or batteries. See the metal cup underneath the machine? Sugar cane juice gushes into it as the stalks are shoved through the machine.
The operators always pushed those stalks through these machines over and over again until every drop of juice was squeezed out. Here you can see him folding the now-limp stalks, which he will push through the machine several more times until the stalks just disintegrate.

A typical day of shopping in T. Nagar. I thought I'd just lift up the camera and shoot, to show the hordes of people walking up and down the street. Notice the one lady on her cell phone.

The view from the other direction. Aren't all the colors of the saris and chudy-das so pretty? You might also realize how much a westerner would stick out in a crowd like this.

Grandfafa reading the classic "Swift Arrow" to the girls on the couch in our flat.

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