Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures, Day at the Taj 1 of 8

Running late to our appointment to meet Dad at the Taj, we decided to treat ourselves to a pedi-cab ride from our hotel to the Taj entrance. We rode all of a tenth of a mile, but the girls thoroughly enjoyed their first pedi-cab experience.

Is this just incredible? We couldn't stop taking pictures.

When you enter through the security gate, you walk in a few paces and turn around to see what the entrance gate looked like. Even the entrance gate to the Taj Mahal is incredible. The Taj Mahal is one of place we saw perfectly manicured lawns and bushes in India.

The famous bench where everyone in the world who visits the Taj has their photo taken. Aren't the girls lovely in their Indian clothes? Each of them wore their favorite chudy-da, complete with bangles and braids.

The Burke clan, with Grandfafa, at the Taj Mahal.

A picture we weren't quite ready for--I'm not sure what Dad is doing, but the photographer caught me at the very moment I'm hissing at the girls through a clenched teeth smile, "I know the sun is right in our eyes. But stop complaining and squinting and smile at the camera RIGHT NOW!!!!" What you can't see is the line 50-people deep waiting to have their photograph taken on this bench. We weren't at leisure to take a long photograph session here. Each family basically got a couple of photographs and had to move out for the next group.

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